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Stanford Medicine

Director of Supply Chain Demand Planning & Analytics — June 2022 - Present


Manager of Global Operations — April 2021 - June 2022

I ran a team responsible for delivering a world-class functional user experience for 98% of Instagram’s surfaces across ~1.5 billion global users.

  • Coordinated the execution and iterative improvement of 6 signature quality programs designed to provide full product development lifecycle coverage to dozens of application features and surfaces

  • Acted as an Instagram Application Lead, unblocking Meta top-line metric movement for key indicators such as sessions, daily active users, and time spent - all while preserving user sentiment metrics

  • Ran weekly director-level communication processes for Adam Mosseri (Head of Instagram), which I re- designed to reduce all several dozen directors’ cumulative preparation hours spent by 60%

  • Designed, piloted, and organized the adoption at scale of Product Operations’ first “Product Quality Review,” a cohesive management narrative for both qualitatively and quantitatively conveying the state of product quality health across all of Meta’s Family of Applications and Reality Labs products

  • Helped in co-creating a next generation approach to how Meta Product Operations can support career specialization and career track growth for both individual contributors and managers

  • Acted as Meta company Lead for the org-wide Disability@ community to create effective business processes, people structures, and product and communication channels for disability representation in both our internal artifacts as well as external publications and product experiences

Collective Medical

Senior Manager of Engineering and Product Operations — December 2020 - April 2021

     I was elevated to a broader role within the organization to design & run Operations for Engineering and Product. I lead a ​team across three focused pillars of work - a mixture of process governance, the cultivation of essential internal artifacts and operational mechanisms, and strategic standards - which allow us to propel the visions of Engineering and Product. We optimize the overlapping intersections of teams across the organization and enable the best ecosystem possible for teams to achieve increasingly better outcomes.

Senior Manager, Business Process Automation —  April 2020 - November 2020 

     After taking a month to travel post-Stanford, I began this role for which I am lucky enough to have had crafted just for me. Part “anthropologist” in studying the whole of the company’s design and determining areas of utmost opportunity, and part strategic change agent focused on the most effective approaches for the problems and demands ahead - I brought a highly focused "business" approach to our regular operations.

  • Mapped a series of workflows within our product release cycle, working with technical resources to reduce manual release management bottlenecks by nearly 100%

  • Crafted series of documentation & diagrams for common processes, articulating potential value of specific areas for process improvement to stakeholders across the organization

  • Redesigned internal HITRUST audit processes alongside InfoSec leadership for sleeker, more effective workflows across every team, moving us from spreadsheet tracking to more automated Jira workflows

  • Launched an Engineering Guilds for team member specialization and mentorship

  • Enhanced Product's release preparation workflows, including introducing tighter communication processes for release notes, release metadata, and methods to stay ahead of content prior to a release

  • Led the charge to establish a framework for internal analytics

Stanford Medicine

Manager of Business Intelligence and Enterprise Data Warehouse Operations - March 2018 - February 2020

​     I built a diverse team of fifteen technical system and subject matter experts to own the analytic tool portfolio upon which all of SHC operates, while ensuring enterprise tool are performance, innovation, and satisfaction.

  • Contributed solid project & program management skills, cross-functional communication skills, and a unique vision for workflow processes - e.g. within one month of joining, I reduced my team's backlog over 80% and instituted a data-driven framework of accountability that consistently kept work flowing

  • Demanded a high attention to detail and a passion for the customer experience, refining production monitoring procedures and introducing smarter product practices that facilitated nearly 24/7 support

  • Mobilized my team to build stronger relationships across the organization, creating transparent protocols for hardware maintenance, software upgrades, tool best practices, and performance tuning

  • Directed a metric portfolio that exposed meaningful KPIs to team directors and VPs, organizing my peer managers to continuously craft fresh ways to report on the state of our business

  • Received consistent accolades on the high engagement of my team (100% engaged per StandOut)

  • Administered several phases of budget and capacity planning for my team​​

  • Recognitions:

    • Analytics Team Rockstar of the Month July 2018

    • Analytics Team Rockstar of the Month August 2019

Health Catalyst

Software Release Manager — January 2018 - March 2018
     My release process set a new standard for excellence across the company; I was promoted to a managerial role to grow & direct additional release and testing resources. My role included this management responsibility, more extensive consulting for other product lines, and continued duties below.

Software Release Engineer — February 2017 - January 2018

  • Straddled the line between technical & operational experts to mature our software release cycles, transforming the team to adapt to scale with the product roadmap

  • Integrated build management practices & product operations activities into a cohesive, scalable SDLC

  • Managed & directed the roadmap for QA resources

  • Developed & maintained build & release definitions specific to each product line; controlled an automated pipeline to reduce time spent on setup so we could invest more hours toward development & customer relationship management

  • Wrote an automated product installer that reduced installation time from 60 min to <5 min

  • Automated release artifact & customer document generation

  • Crafted a schedule that guided development & leadership to realistic deadlines

  • Oversaw environment strategy

Manager of Corporate Analytics — April 2015 - February 2017

  • Partnered with leadership to develop impactful applications with first-of-its-kind strategic insight

  • Designed & implemented major operational initiatives that enhanced company-wide transparency about our customer engagements

  • Challenged the status quo of data capture processes & our culture around analytics by teaming up with subject matter experts, crafting deep reviews of data needs & workflows, and establishing short-term action plans & recommendations for longer-term sustainable practices

  • Pioneered better user design experiences, running test trials of new visualizations for end user feedback

  • Broke down company silos to standardize our shared knowledge base converge shared workflows


Roles held during tenure from August 2012 - March 2015: 

Benchmarking Install Lead

  • Defined the product vision that brought hundreds of organizations live on benchmarking functionality

  • Guided organizations through benchmarking tool implementation strategy and metric optimization

  • Wrote the setup and support guides and project strategy guide for benchmarking products

  • Acted as a development liaison to bring customer needs and perspective to future enhancements

  • Coordinated core projects such as customer on-boarding

Internal Process Improvement Lead: Value from Data Team

  • Improved customer outcomes by helping them derive utmost value from our analytics product suite

  • Identified opportunities for cross-product collaboration to improve upon best practices and incorporate customer experiences

  • Managed the execution of company-wide reporting and analytics process improvement goals

  • Led a small team of cross-role representatives who ensured the success of process changes

Reporting and Analytics Company Success Owner

  • Owned reporting and analytics suite product success at customer sites

  • Managed installs across multiple clients, including pediatric, safety net, and academic organizations

  • Directed reporting demos, customer presentations, and focus sessions at user group events

  • Drafted customized strategy and project plans to strengthen data governance structure and tool milieu

Health Information Management Project Manager and Implementation Consultant

  • Implemented broadly integrated modules that ensured the integrity of the patient chart

  • Installed a variety of modules: chart documentation, hospital account coding, release of information, patient identity management, and chart deficiency tracking - delivering exceptional results on budget

  • Acted as a module success owner for the hospital coding and patient confidentiality workflows

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